Dirt at Ida Rupp

Sexual Education Programs:


Many of these books are VERY graphic in words and/or pictures in the links provided.

 Click the links to view select pages from books with questionable content that IRPL has on their shelves available for children under 18 years old in our community.

List of Sexually Explicit Books in the Juvenile Section which should be moved to the Adult Section, labeled as "Harmful to Minors", and require Parental Consent

* Denotes this book was originally listed in the Juvenile section was moved in September 2023. (A: Moved to Adult section at IRPL branches. X: No longer available at IRPL branches.) 

We Request These Books at Our Library to be Labeled with a Sticker in Children's Section as Gender Ideology:

Children's Books:

Juvenile books:

List of Books we have yet to Review that have been flagged by other concerned groups:

There are numerous books that are not listed which have obscene sexual content or may have reference to gender ideology/orientation which will need to be labeled as such. If you discover a book, please email us at CleanUpIdaRupp@gmail.com to include it on this list. Books may have been moved from the Juvenile Section to the Adult Section since our last review. If this is the case, please let us know what title you have observed to have been moved so it can be marked as moved.